to laugh and to be laughed at!

I think I am going to spend a week counting the times I say, “Why am I such an idiot?”  I always say it when I do really stupid things…

Like that time I thought it would be funny to put a bowl on my head at a stop light when I was in the car by myself… and a car full of people pointed and laughed.

Or that story that is Jenny’s favorite about… when I locked my keys in my car, sat on the hood to wait for my mom to bring the spare, and it started rolling out from under me, towards oncoming traffic, because I hadn’t put the emergency brake on… so I had to run to the back and push it uphill back into the parking spot…

Or the time I thought the pipes in my bathroom were going to explode but it was actually just my electric toothbrush that somehow got switched on in the drawer…


Or the time that I was sure my car was dead… totally and completely dead… and I called one of my guy friends who told me “maybe it’s something with the battery… wiggle the wires around and make sure they are connected.  If that doesn’t work, call me and I’ll come look at it.”  So I did what he said and tried the car again… and it still didn’t work… so I set my head on the steering wheel and with tears in my eyes, I saw my feet… and the CLUTCH… that my foot was NOT on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I tried it again, with my foot ON the clutch and it was just fine!  (In my defense… I had been driving a rental on vacation for over a week that was an automatic and my foot had forgotten how to use a clutch I guess…  plus there was a flood issue that I was convinced had messed up the function of my car!)


And then today… When I pushed the start button on the dryer and it wouldn’t work… So I messed with the dials and buttons and tried it again.  Still, nothing.  So I stood on my tip toes to see if it somehow magically got unplugged… and when I took a step back, I saw that I hadn’t shut the stinkin door!!!  Who does that?  I shut the door and pushed the button and in an hour, my clothes were dry.

And when I write all of these stories in one place, I kinda feel embarrassed because I really sound like SUCH an idiot!!!  But when they happen, I just say, “Why am I such an idiot?”  And then I laugh, and find someone to laugh with me!  So now, I’m laying it all out… for all of you.  Please, do not think I am stupid or have no common sense.  I promise that I am a smart girl and I do have common sense, sometimes.  :o)  But feel free to laugh because I think that’s one of the reasons God made me … to laugh and to be laughed at!  :o)


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