I love A. W. Tozer.  I wish we could be friends.  If we were friends, I would call him “Mr. Rootbeer” or something goofy like that (A & W).  Today I was reading some of his words of wisdom:

“Hardly anything else reveals so well the fear and uncertainty among men as the length to which they will go to hide their true selves from each other and even from their own eyes. […] “people rarely know their neighbors for what they really are, and worse than that, the camouflage is so successful that they do not know themselves either.”  And I said out loud, “bummer!”  (revealing that I’m really not as intelligent as I wish I try to be) because I knew it was true. 

Transparency is a big deal to me and an area God has really stretched me in over the years.  I share a lot about my life – struggles and joys; but if I force myself to really get honest I recognize that I hide my true self from my own eyes all the time. 

Tozer goes on to say that knowing who we really are – good and bad, beautiful and ugly – is vital to us in our pursuit of God and in our living to become more like Him.   He states that “it is one of the supreme tragedies in religion that so many think so highly of ourselves when the evidence lies all on the other side; and our self-admiration effectively blocks out any possible effort to discover a remedy for our condition.  Only the man who knows he is sick will go to a physician.” 

God obviously knows our hearts and as we are filled with the Holy Spirit, He truly has intimate knowledge of the deepest parts of us… But do we know ourselves?  Do we evaluate ourselves? 

I like to ask questions and to find out information.  It’s the way I roll.  I recently even analyzed whether or not I was analytical and Erin laughed at me.  But, there are areas of ME that I don’t particularly like to enter into and assess.   Tozer gives a few points to help us discover where we are truly.

“We may be known by the following”:

“1. What we want most.” As you think on this don’t go with the first easy answer that pops into your mind.  Wait and listen and search for the truth.

“2. What we think about most.”  Not the things you are forced to think about because of circumstances but the thing your mind goes to when left to wander. 

“3. How we use our money.”  What do you do with the money you have leftover from your necessities and obligations?

“4. What we do with our leisure time.”  What we choose to do with our time, reveals what kind of a person we are.

“5. The company we enjoy.”  We are drawn to people like us so the character of those we enjoy reveals something about who we are.

“6. Whom and what we admire.”  Do we envy the world or admire the godly? 

“7. What we laugh at.”  A healthy person should enjoy much laughter.  God intends for humor to be a part of our lives (thankfully!), but what we laugh at should also be a reflection of Him. 

I found this all very eye-opening and challenging and thought I’d pass it on…

What a journey this is… being known is rough (even being known by myself). 



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