The year of miracles!

I decided to write a blog tonight and determined in my mind it would be “entertaining” and not about my recent theme of prayer… But I just couldn’t do it.  Soon, I will write on a lighter topic.  I have plenty in my head to share…

But for now…

My professor has been wanting me to study the Prayer Movement/Revival of 1858.  I did a little reading on it today and I was AMAZED!  Here’s the story:

This dude – Jeremiah Lanphier put a sign on the doors of his church saying “Prayer Meeting from 12 to 1 o’clock – stop 5, 10, or 20 minutes, or the whole hour, as your time permits.”  For the first half hour, no one showed.  Then at 12:30 a man came and soon 6 men showed up.  It was not a big amazing event… just a few guys praying at a church.  They decided to meet again the following week.  20 guys showed up.  Then the next week… 40 guys showed up.  Since people were so interested in coming to pray, Jeremiah decided to have DAILY prayer meetings.

THEN within a few days – financial crisis hit the country.  Panic struck.  People needed … help!  So, they were willing to turn to God!

Before long there were 3,000 showing up at the church to pray and then people (20,000 of them!) began meeting to pray all over the city… It spread across the nation and to other parts of the world!

1858-1859 became known as Annus Mirabulus (Year of Miracles).  Huge, powerful missionary movements began and huge leaders of the faith rose up.  It is estimated that a MILLION people chose to follow Christ and enter into the Kingdom of God.

CORPORATE PRAYER is powerful and when you look over history and see times of revival, it can always be traced back to intense corporate prayer.

So friends… Let’s pray!


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