Thanksgiving in the Amazon!

Dear friends and maybe a few strangers!
I’m going on a mission trip to the Amazon the week of Thanksgiving (and my birthday!).  I went last year and saw God move in some very powerful ways.  The Lord has really given me a burden for the people in this region.  I wish I could put into words the need that I’ve seen there but I can only say they are a community, a people group, very deceived by lies of the enemy that have been passed down from generation to generation… people with hearts and souls, just like ours! They desperately need to hear the truth of Jesus Christ!  I am very excited to be able to go and share the Good News and love of Christ again, seeing many of the same people I met last year and meeting many new faces as well.  It is such a joy to encourage the local believers and so important for us to partner with them in reaching those who have not yet heard!
Fundraising this year has been a huge struggle.  It’s been easy to get discouraged but more and more God is teaching me to continue to do all I can to raise the money… focus on prayer and fasting… and believe that He is able to provide!  I’m posting this because… You never know who might read it and how God might provide through one of you!
And if you know Jesus and read this… Please pray that God would provide and that He would work through us and in us in a mighty way!
Thank you so much for your prayers and anything you are able to give!
Here are a few pics from last year (click on the links above to read posts about that trip):


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