we think so little of him

At some point in the last year I realized I desperately needed Jesus to teach me to pray.  My parents taught me to pray when I was young.  My Sunday School teachers, pastors, professors, friends, and mentors have taught me to pray over the years… But it’s one of those areas that has infinite room for growth and infinite need for increased discipline.  So I began adding to my prayers, “Jesus, teach me to pray.”  He has told us that anything we ask in His name, He will give to us and, as always, He has been true to His word.  
I’ve read and am continuing to read some amazing books.  I’ve studied prayers in scripture.  I’m doing a study this semester to replace one of my classes on the role of prayer in missions and it’s blowing me away!  
I’m learning that one of the most important parts of prayer is KNOWING GOD – letting His Word, His character, and His truth pour over every part of me and keeping it on my heart and in my vision at all times. 
I read this sentence recently: “I think a lot of our prayers make God wonder why we think so little of him.”  After I read it, I read it again. “I think a lot of our prayers make God wonder why we think so little of him.”  Then I put the book down and confessed… “Lord, I think too little of You.”  Saying that sentence hurt.  I didn’t want it to be true but I knew it was. 
If I really believed God was who He says He is… If I really believed that God still is the God He’s proved Himself to be throughout history (and throughout the history of my life)… If I really believed, with every part of me, the things I say about Him… My life would be so much more powerful because I would pray and He would move mountains!
So, my prayer now is… “Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief.”
I have so far to go.  The journey, I’m sure, will prove to be an endless one… I am so grateful for a grace-FULL Heavenly Father, who by the mercy given to us through Jesus, patiently leads me as I stumble down the path of growing to be more like Him.
I would love to know if there are certain events, scriptures, stories, or strategies that have helped you to develop a more dynamic and powerful prayer life or if there are things that you feel like hold you back.
I will be sharing more of this journey with you and hope to hear of your journeys as well.  We’re all in this together and I am so grateful for that – and for you!

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