103 degrees… Aww… Texas!

I was looking through cds I have and realized a trend… Apparently, I’m the kind of girl that boys make mixed CDs for…  Funny.  Don’t know what it means,  probably not a lot.  :o)

One time I worked with this dude at Starbucks and before long he came in and said, “I made you this.  I think you’ll like it.”  He handed me a CD on which he’d written “LOVE AND BE LOVED… The words we choose to speak will change the world we live in.”  He said he liked to make mixed CDs and he worked really hard on this one… thinking carefully through songs that would fit me.  He was proud of it and stated… “I think it’s my best yet!”

When I got off work I put it in and he was right, I loved it.  I wondered why he chose these particular tunes for me and how he knew I’d love them so much, being that we’d just met a few days prior.  It was very eclectic… But perfect since I’m a very eclectic girl.

It’s been stuck in a book of cds for probably a year or so now and I’d forgotten about it.  Yesterday, I pulled it out and stuck it in my car’s cd player.  I couldn’t remember what was on it, but I did remember it was enjoyable… I thought to myself, “IT’s so hot in TX!” and I turned on my car and heard these words spoken over an acoustic guitar…

“103 degrees… Awww… Texas!  Every pore switches to open the moment souls hit the cement streets and in just seconds my whole body glistens.”  (I googled the lyrics/poetry and I have no idea who it is…)

So, Joe… Dude at Starbucks… Thanks for making me this mixed CD.  (I think your name is Joe… Sorry, it’s been a while!)  I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard those words yesterday.


One thought on “103 degrees… Aww… Texas!

  1. You get cd’s too?!! Man! I seriously have like 4 or 5 cds from guys.. weirdness.. interesting… thanks for the blog.. made me laugh and smile :).. can’t wait to see you!! glad you made it back safe( I assume)

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