How I got BACK to TX… (1)

How I got BACK to TX is an amazing story with multiple layers (and multiple posts reflecting on those layers)…

The journey itself was a long one.  On day one I really enjoyed myself… literally.  I had fun being alone… I kept myself entertained.  I listened to my friend Erwin spew wisdom… then some Marc Driscoll and some Louie Giglio.  I played some tunes and danced a bit (because who doesn’t love car dancing?)!  I chatted with some friends on the phone here and there.  It was great! 

Day two, I wanted to die.  I know, I shouldn’t say things like that… but at moments, I really felt like it.  At one point, I found myself seriously losing my mind.  I REALLY wanted someone to talk to and my cell phone wasn’t getting service – again!  I then remembered that I could and definitely SHOULD use the time to enjoy Jesus, talk and listen to him.  That would probably be better than going crazy.  So, I turned off the music and sat in silence and enjoyed His presence.  He opened my eyes to beauty around me and spoke to me clearly about several things.  It was a sweet time.  I still really wanted to stop driving and JUST BE THERE ALREADY!  But it was good…

I have a few friends that have recently moved from Cali to far off places like Texas and Georgia.  When they drive, their dads go with them.  I don’t have a dad anymore, so I drive alone.  I could feel sad about that but I don’t.  Long lonely road trips are one more thing God uses to mold me and make me who He wants me to be.  So I take my Heavenly Father with me on road-trips… Or rather, He takes me… and He keeps me sane.


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