Confession… (This is who I am – Part 4)

I love Braunsweiger sandwiches!  :o)

Many of you may not have a clue what Braunsweiger is so let me educate you…

Braunsweiger is an Americanized version of liverwurst.

It is a semi-soft, spreadable, meat mixture, that is usually sliced for sandwiches.

It is made from pork and pork liver, chopped and blended. It is like liverwurst in texture, but it is smoked and darker-coloured.

There are many brands. Some use more pork than pork liver for a less livery taste.

I realize this is strange but I’ve loved it all my life.  How did I discover this?  My Nana eats it… My mom eats it… and I followed their example.  I would always ask my parents if we could buy it when we went grocery shopping.  It was a special treat!

I’ve always been aware of it’s discustingness (I know, that’s not a word…) and that makes me like it even more because I’m weird.  :o)  When I was in Kindergarten I often took it to school in my lunch and I would tell all the other kids to smell it and then explain that it was PIG LIVER!!! MMMMmmmm!!!!

I’m screwed up.  I realize this.

I don’t buy it for myself but I was at my Nana’s house this week and she had some in her fridge so I indulged.  It’s not very healthy so I just had a little bit and oh, it was so good.

Yep, that’s me.


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