this week in the life of me

It’s been a crazy busy awesome week!

Sunday: Church, paperwork to make the CRV officially my car (YAY!), lunch with friends, quality road tripping time with the person I’ve spent more time in a car with than anyone else (Miss Jenny Cummings), an afternoon with Roommate and baby, more car time with Jenny, dinner with Kim in O.C. and more car time with Jenny.

Monday: DISNEYLAND with the fam and my bro’s friend Erica.  We won 4 tickets at one of Josh’s recent skateboarding competitions.  I love Disneyland and I love my fam so ya know… Good day!  There were lots of new rides and Innoventions is all new stuff… I got to see what I’m going to look like in 50 years.  :)

Tuesday:  Work… Then packing up all consumable items in my mom’s house and moving to Nana’s and Papa’s for a few days because we’re being tented for termites (pain in the rear, let me just say).

Wednesday: Work, Mexican food, and an evening with Anissa and the thunderous sounds of roaring waves crashing against the rocks below us.  Sigh.  Love it.

Thursday: so far… errands and laundry… soon… work.

Who knows what other wonderful things the week will bring!  :)  I’m excited to be headed back to TX next week and am soaking up CA while I can!


2 thoughts on “this week in the life of me

  1. sounds like fun! my week seems to be all about travel. came back from Thailand late Monday night … or maybe it was Tuesday morning, spent the bulk of that day having the strangest feeling that I’d lived it before on a plane over the ocean ;)

    now I am reading for the classes that I took over there. 4 book reviews (which means I need to read the books!) one test, and one journal … yikes! I need to get back to it!

    Have a safe trip back to Texas and I will see you when I get there I hope :)

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