my kids in Vietnam

The summer of 2003 I was changed forever.  I followed Jesus all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam and there spent several weeks teaching English to the precious 8 year old children pictured here (along with 8 others).  Whether they know it or not, all 17 of them will carry a piece of my heart as long as I live.  Each of them played a part in Jesus making me who I am today.  I think of them often and pray that they would know Jesus. 

I was thinking about them today and realized they are teenagers now.  I wish I could find them all and see how they’re doing.  I wish I could hug them again.  What happened to the little boy who was so fascinated with my curly hair?  What about the girl who’s grandma died that summer?  The little boy who tried desperately to tell me something the day I was leaving but I never did understand… What was he trying to say and how is he now?  What about the girl who asked questions about Jesus after we shared the Easter story?  I’ll probably never know any of the answers to those questions.  I’ll probably never see any of their faces again and if I do, I probably won’t recognize them. 

But they are still my kids and I still love them and I find so much comfort in knowing that the same God who has poured out his love on me is pursuing their hearts as well………..

I won’t stop praying kids.  I miss you!


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