Tribute to Mr! Benjamin C.

Once upon a time we looked like this:

Then suddenly, he was graduating from High School:

And a few weeks later, I was reading letters he sent home from boot camp:

Then he came home looking like this:

I went to visit him right before he went to Iraq the first time and he was still my goofy brother:

(^ I was standing up on a curb!)

He spent 13 months in Iraq working with stuff like this and fighting for freedom:

He came back to North Carolina for a while and then was sent back to Iraq for another year plus some!

In the middle of that he surprised us all coming home for 2 weeks of R & R.  I was thrilled to see him for a few hours in Dallas, TX:

This morning he called me saying, “Hello.  You may not know me because you haven’t seen me in four years.  My name is Mr! Benjamin C.  I have just been officially discharged from the United States Marine Corps.”

He flies back to CA tomorrow to start his new “I’m a civilian again” life.  He’s grown up a lot in his 4 years in the Marine Corps – discovering a lot of leadership capabilities.  I’m excited to see what God does with that now!

You have amazing potential little brother!  Use it!  And enjoy this new found freedom you have!  I’m proud of you!!!  (And thanks again for letting me drive your car around for so long!)


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