This is who I am… (Part 2)

I’m not totally crazy… Really! But I will admit that I have some weird things I am pretty OCDish about. Like…

When I open up my till at Starbucks (or any other place I’ve worked in the past) I rearrange all the money. It must all face the same direction (face up with the top of the head at the right) and I must unfold and unwrinkle all the bills (as much as I can). It only takes a couple of minutes and it makes the day better! (I do realize how crazy that sounds!) But there are plenty of people like me who face all their bills before putting them in their wallets. I’m saving them the trouble! When I hand it to them, it’s ready! All the weirdos like me love that I’ve done the work for them! :o) And I know there are plenty who do this because I watch when people take their money out and put it in. It interests me to see people’s habits and I don’t understand why you’re not ALL like me and my OCD friends! :o)


You know the Tazo teas at SBUX?  About 3 years ago at my first store I put all the teas in rainbow order on the shelf… Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple!… I always fixed them if they got out of order at all and when I moved to TX I gave a lesson to some of the girls at the store… the yellower greens (Green Ginger) come first and then the bluest greens (Refresh) last… I’ve been gone for a year and a half now and I came back… They are STILL in order! I was so pleased! I’ve impacted the world one group of Tazo teas at a time.

Yeah, I’m pretty laid back about most things but I’m crazy about money and teas.

I’d say I’m quirky but others just call it weird…


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