I love my life!

Somewhere in the midst of my day today I realized…



I came out to CA about a week and a half ago.  Though I did want to come for a visit, I didn’t like the fact that I was coming for a month, maybe two.  I wanted to get back to TX ASAP… Not because TX itself is an amazing place!  CA is far superior (I just had to say that in case any of my TX friends read this)… But because I love the life God has blessed me with there – friends, church, ministries.

Today, God reminded me what He’s given me… Time with my family, fun working with old friends, reconnecting with my “home church” and old friends, much nicer weather than in TX, the beach, a lot more down time than I’m used to because all I have on the agenda is work and hanging out with family and friends… and I have time to meet new people which I always enjoy!  

It’s a sweet time!  And it’s only for a time.  I’ll go back to TX before long (I still hope it’s sooner than later).  It really is awesome that I have the flexibility to do this right now.  I won’t have it forever… I need to enjoy it while I can.

Wherever you are, be all there!  AND  Wherever you are, share Jesus!

Okay… Let’s make the most of it!



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