This is who I am… (part 1)

Tonight I was talking on the phone to one of my dearest friends.  She reminded me of stories of some really silly… okay, stupid… but highly entertaining moments I’ve had in life.  I’ve decided to share some of them, starting with the most recent.

I live with a couple from my church (Tawnia and Rich).  They just got back from a vacation so I was home alone for ten days.  The night before they came home I got out of the shower and was alarmed by a strange sound.  At first I thought I had somehow accidently turned on the fan on the bathroom counter and the motor was dying, but I looked and felt and the fan was not on!  Where was the sound coming from????

I opened up the cabinet and began investigating!  Was it the pipes?  How would pipes make the sound of a dying motor?  I was so confused.  I removed everything from the cabinet finding nothing that could be causing this sound.  “What in the world am I going to do?  It’s 11pm!  Who can I call?  My bathroom is going to explode!  Why did this have to happen when Tawnia and Rich are gone?”

I noticed that the walls of the cabinet were vibrating.  I felt around.  Then… I felt the bottom of the drawer that’s next to the sink.  Yes, lots of vibrating.  I opened the drawer.  Yes, somehow the electric toothbrush I never use and forgot I had got switched on while I was in the shower.  (Weird!)  The motor IS dying… nothing is going to explode!  I’m safe and so is the house.  What a relief!

My life is filled with moments like this because this is who I am!  Just a silly girl –  who doesn’t know what to do with noises and vibrations coming from her bathroom cabinets!


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