an interesting person

Today was my first day at my new Starbucks. I’m not new at the job, just new at the store. It’s always fun to discover the culture of a store… If you’re a frequent Starbucks goer you know that though they are all “the same” they actually are all very different. If you’re a Starbucks Partner (employee), you understand even more! This is my third store in 2.5 years and I think it’s gonna be a good experience! :o)

I’m always amused by people’s observations of me. One of my new co-workers said after a couple hours working with me, “You’re really weird for a quiet person!” due to random comments I made (I’m really not that quiet, he will discover eventually). An hour after that he asked me a question and upon my answer he scrunched up his nose in a look of confusion and said, “You’re a very interesting person!!!”

I am told that a lot. What do you think it means?


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