Plans for my life… What is God shaping me for?

Once upon a time, I had some very specific plans for my life. Along the way God showed me that my plans were flawed and He had better things in store for me. He, of course, has never revealed to me all of what that will be, though along the way he gives me glimpses. I see him shaping me.  For a long time I was frustrated with the way he was shaping me. It seemed like in everyone else’s lives God took the a broad view of goals and desires and He narrowed it down to one specific pursuit, giving them a more and more focused passion. In my life, it seemed to be the opposite. I had a very specific passion and God has been broadening my vision. He recently made it very clear to me that it is all very purposeful. I’m not sure why that was a revelation to me… I know that God doesn’t do anything haphazardly!

This is what I know.

I have a heart for the nations. I want to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission, going to the ends of the earth to share the freeing truth of the gospel with all nations, tribes, and tongues!

I have a desire to reach the lost in America. I love developing relationships with unbelievers. I love asking them spiritually thought provoking questions and becoming a part of their spiritual journey. I love knocking on doors and sharing the gospel. I love serving the community with the intent of sharing Christ in the process, with both actions and words.

I am passionate about reaching the “Christian” who is such only by name. I long for them to know and understand the truth of Christ, deeply and intimately. It is only then that they will truly love him. Only when they love him will they truly love others more than themselves. Only when they love others more than themselves will they truly live to make disciples.

I believe it is essential that we very purposefully create opportunities for all believers to serve (both locally and globally) and use their gifts for the furthering of the kingdom, encouraging, equipping, and training them along the way for a very intentionally missional lifestyle.

I love being a part of short-term mission trips for a long list of reasons. 1. God has made it clear in His Word that anyone who follows him is responsible to be a part of reaching all peoples/nations with the gospel. 2. I love meeting my brothers and sisters in the Lord and seeing what He’s doing in other parts of the family. We truly are all connected and responsible for building each other up! 3. I always come back more in love with Jesus than when I left and thus more passionate about sharing Him with others. 4. I love the opportunity it provides to train believers and to walk alongside them as they grow and actively serve God, helping them to use their gifts and to discover gifts they may never have known they had.

What does all of this look like in my future? I have so many ideas. In the end, I just want to love Jesus more and serve Him with every breath that I take and every choice that I make. I would love to do any and all of the following at various points in my life… and I’m sure there are some amazing possibilities I have yet to even think about:

Work with college students – creating opportunities for them to serve, discovering gifts and passions, equipping them to live missional lives

Write books, magazine articles, devotionals

Teach at a University – classes on missions, evangelism, discipleship

Open a coffee shop – artsy, a forum for local music and art, a place for non-Christians to explore the spirituality of Christianity in a non-threatening, non-churchy sort of way

Be a mom who raises her children to be missionaries – whether they be doctors, painters, cooks… my only care is that they do whatever they it with the intent of sharing Christ in their area of influence (of course be a wife before being a mom, to someone who has similar passions for ministry and missions)

Be a part of a local church or possibly a church planting team that has a passion to develop a multiplying community of believers that is passionate about living missional lives, locally and globally involved in God’s mission to see all nations praising Him

Pour into a group of women

Work for a church’s missions department planning mission trips, educating the church about missions, and helping everyone to find their place in being involved in fulfilling the Great Commission

Work for a missions organization

God recently has (as mentioned in a previous blog) really been embedding Psalm 37 deep within my heart. I don’t know what of these ideas God will use in my life… I know I must simply Trust in the Lord, delight myself in Him, commit my way to Him, trust Him to act, Be still before Him and wait patiently for him, not fretting but knowing that “the steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in His way.” I can say confidently that God is shaping my heart and widening my vision for some very specific reasons. I don’t know what they are, but I will continue to delight myself in Him and commit my ways to Him and he will direct me and establish my ways. I’m looking forward to the adventures in store!


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