Strive to enter rest?

We live in a time of busyness!  It sometimes takes sickness to slow me down so that my body can get the rest it needs (as has been the case this past week).  I’m finally getting better and now face a crazy intense “to do” list!  I leave for the Amazon in 6 days and must write 30 pages of papers in the meantime… plus go to class, meetings, work, etc.  And of course, I can not neglect continuing to prepare spiritually for what God has for me to do on this trip! 

I’m glad to have been recently reminded through my time in the Scriptures that God is a giver of rest!  In fact, only in Him can true rest be found. 

Today I was grabbed by a phrase in Hebrews 4. “Let us therefore strive to enter that rest…”  Strive to enter rest?

Websters defines strive as “to devote serious effort or energy” and rest as “freedom from activity or labor” or “a state of motionlessness or inactivity.” 

At first glance they seem like two things that do not belong together!  But we are told that we need to strive to enter rest! 

As I continued thinking on it, I realized it does make sense … we always have to do a lot of preperation before we go on a vacation.  Getting to a place of rest takes work… whether we’re talking physical or spiritual…

Spiritually, rest comes through Christ.  We cannot have it if we do not believe.  Knowledge and faith in Him lead to believing actions … and rest. 

I have 30 pages to write… but I have rest as I walk with Jesus and strive to know Him and please Him in all I do. 


2 thoughts on “Strive to enter rest?

  1. Wow! you sound quite breathless with all this. Loving God with all your heart is great but your vision is as you say so busy; perhaps sometimes you need to stand back, wait on God in the Spirit and see where He is going and then follow. He does give us the resources for His work though we often have to be patient and trust Him but I have found there is a danger in being busy in good Christian things if the things we do prevent us hearing what He is saying–?
    I find (at my great age!) that I can best see the pattern of Hiw way for me in retrospect; but I only find one step of obedience for this day; the future is in His hands and we have to trust Him

  2. It appears that comments are ending up on posts other than the one they are intended to be for… That’s annoying. Jean left a comment intended for on “Plans for my life”… Here is my response.

    I agree… I’m not attempting to do all those things at one time… they are just IDEAS for a lifetime, ya know? I may or may not do any of them. I love the words of an old hymn… “I do not need to know the distant scene, one step is enough for me.” I recently blogged Psalm 37 as it is a passage God is really embedding in my heart lately. “Trust in the Lord… Delight yourself in the Lord… Commit your way to the Lord… Be still before the Lord… wait patiently for him… fret not yourself… the steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way.

    It’s not about busyness for the Lord. We must slow down and let Him speak and direct us! But He does call us to lives of ACTION… Seeking Him, I intend to live a valuably active life while walking closely with Him!

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