Fires and Brothers

Family has always been very special to me.  I currently live far away from mine and though I am blessed to have a wonderful family of friends here, it can be hard to be away from my “real family” at times.  As I’m sure you are all aware, So Cal was recently hit hard by fires.  My family (mom and brother, grandparents, cousins) and friends had to evacuate their homes as the fire approached in various parts of San Diego county.  It seemed as though little was safe.  I spent several days on the phone and watching news updates online – feeling helpless and wishing I could be there with them. 

At times like that, being away is hardest and the further away you are the harder it can be.  My brother Ben was in Iraq and was dying to get home.  We (family and friends) were all very well convinced that he was actually in Australia for two weeks of R & R; however, that was all a scheme he had cooked up in order to surprise us.  He’s home now, in San Diego, for just a few more days.  He was able to stop off here for a few hours on his way… I was very happy to see my little brother.

 LITTLE brother

I suppose he’s not so little anymore…

Ben and I at the airport

… though I must point out that the hat does make him appear taller than he really is.  Sorry, it’s not a hat… his cover does make him appear taller than he is. 

It’s strange how little brothers turn into big brothers as time goes on.  This little brother of mine takes good care of me and whether he’ll say so or not, still loves me even though I had a little accident with his precious car.  (It’s fixed now!  And it looks soooo pretty and perfect!  I intend to never hurt it again!)

I’m very proud of both of my brothers!  One of my greatest joys in life is being their sister. 

My other brother still is littler than me – though not by much and not for long!

Mom, me, Josh 

This was taken in July… I expect that he’ll be about my height by Christmas or shortly thereafter.

Josh and the pros 

 This is him with one of his buddies and some pro skaters (Buster Halterman and Willy Santos).  I act like I know who they are but I have no clue really.  He’s the cool one.

Anyway, Ben will be heading back to Iraq early next week… keep him in your prayers!  And thank you to all who prayed for the fires in CA and for my family specifically.  Everyone is fine although it did come close and hit others we know, our family’s homes remained safe. 


One thought on “Fires and Brothers

  1. This is a beautiful poem. Infact I have written many like it I have just never had the time to sit down and type them up… maybe I should. Anyway, I am the blogger that wrote “Coffee Shops and room for Creamer”. Thanks for your comment! I really never order room for creamer and that day I did. So in my delema I thought it would be fun to write about the funky cup of coffee I found myself drinking. And just to set your mind at ease, I wouldn’t ever pour perfectly good coffee in the trashcan! That stuff is just too good to waist. Anyway, I was reading some of your other blogs and I really loved them. Was your trip to the Amazon a mission trip? If you have seen any of my other bloggs I have atleast 2 entries from Mexico. I was there for two weeks on a mission trip. It was the best summer I have had in a long time. Well, I will stop blabing away. Thanks again for your comment.

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