getting oldER?

It’s Friday night and I am staying home – alone, watching What Not to Wear, studying for a midterm (kind of), playing around on the internet, eating yogurt, and going to bed early… Granted the rest of my weekend will be busy, but it’s Friday night! In times past I spent Friday nights at home on occassion, BUT I was not happy about it. In college, it didn’t matter how much I had to get done… Friday night was for fun and friends, not for staying home alone! Tonight, it’s a joy though I’m realizing this means … I’m getting oldER!

My 14 year old brother gets pleasure in pointing out that I will soon be halfway to 50. I’m okay with that though because my mom turned 50 this year and while that used to seem old to me, she is still young with much life ahead of her! So, come and get me 50! (But take your time… For now I’m good with being “almost halfway to 50”.)



2 thoughts on “getting oldER?

  1. Hey You!

    I have been meaning to e-mail you, but I have been CRAZY busy the last couple of weeks with numerous things which I am sure you can relate to.

    I loved reading your post about your purse. Reminds me of myself :) Do you like big purses? I do!

    Also…is your family okay? With the fires…I know you are from San Diego and your fam is still there.


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