Conversation about Jesus with a crazy homeless man…

I spend a lot of time at Starbucks… Partially because I currently am employed there and partially because I really enjoy coffee and tea and people!  You meet all sorts of people if you sit in a Starbucks for any length of time.  For the last two years, Starbucks has been a mission field for me.  I like being there when I’m not working because sometimes that creates more of an opportunity to sit and talk and pour truth and love into lives.  As I sat there with my pile of books and journal I was interrupted (as was part of the plan) by phone calls, regular customers and co-workers  (friends)… and a crazy homeless man.

Here is the account of my interactions with said crazy homeless man (CHM):

I sat at a corner table reading Live Life On Purpose.  CHM came and took a seat at a table right next to me.

Me: (smile) Hi.

CHM: Hello.

Me: How are you today?

CHM: (shrug)

Me: Is your coffee good?

CHM: It’s okay… yeah.

Me: Are you a big coffee fan?

CHM: Are you sleeping?

Me: No, I’m pretty awake right now.

CHM: Do you believe in sleep?

Me: Yes, sleep is great!

CHM: So you don’t try to stay up all night like some of the young ones?

Me: No sir, I have too much to do… I need sleep for energy!

CHM: So you believe in it?

Me: In sleep?  Yeah……. Coffee is good when you need to stay awake though.  I love coffee.  I work here and I’m a student so I drink a lot of it to help me study when I’m tired.

CHM: What is that book you’re studying now?

Me: It’s called Live Life On Purpose and it’s about living our lives for God’s purposes. Do you believe in God?

CHM: The infant?

Me: Do you mean Jesus?

CHM: Jesus of Nazareth… the infant.

Me: Yes!  Jesus is God!

CHM: Jesus is the infant.  He had a male torso.

Me: Yes, Jesus came as an infant and grew to be a man and He died on the cross to save us from our sins… Do you…

CHM: You can’t get Jesus pregnant!!!

Me: Om… no, you’re right… He was a man and men definitely can not get pregnant.

CHM: Yeah, He was not qualified to be a mother… You can’t get Jesus pregnant.  Jesus doesn’t like pregnancy.

Me: (Struggling to find something to say…)

CHM: Do you understand what I’m saying?  You can’t get Jesus pregnant.  He is not qualified.

Me: Well, yes… I suppose I understand that……………….

CHM: Jesus of Nazareth… Do you know who he is?

Me: Yes, I know Him personally… Do you know what it means to know him personally?

CHM: Maybe Mary.  Maybe you could talk to her.

Me: About what?

CHM: About pregnancy… You qualify.  You could be a mother.  I can’t.

Me: No.  You can’t because you’re a man… You could be a father, but not a mother, right?

CHM: Right.  I qualify to be a father… You can’t qualify for both… Just one.  You can be one though.  You qualify.  Do you want to be a mother?

Me: Yes, someday.  I have to get married first though.

CHM: You qualify.  But you can’t get Jesus pregnant.  Jesus can not get pregnant.  He doesn’t qualify.

Me: (I realized this conversation was not going to go anywhere productive and I was at a loss for words.)

CHM: Begins mumbling to himself and doesn’t stop for quite sometime… eventually, he leaves.

There are some very interesting people out there and though I laugh at the story, it also makes me sad.  What happened to that man?  Why is he like that?  Why is it that he talks about Jesus of Nazareth?  How can crazy people like him be reached with the gospel?  What am I supposed to do?  Is it okay that his craziness makes me laugh?


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