gourmet eatin’

I enjoy fine dining; therefore, I make a somewhat frequent habit of dining at – dun – dun – dun – COSTCO! Yes folks… as the life-long daughter of a low-income minister and the current low-budget seminary student, I have found Costco to be a faithful friend in satisfying the hunger in my tummy. Not only do I walk the aisle for samples of foods I know that I am not going to buy, I also enjoy purchasing the $1.50 Hot Dog and Soda combo… or I splurge and go for the $1.99 pizza or the $2.69 chicken bake! Tonight, I went a little crazy and got the chicken bake AND the $1.00 churro… with a dixie cup for water. This is the life! And the thing is, I love it! No complaints here! Give me Costco gourmet eatin’ any day! (But not everyday because I’d probably turn into a very unhealthy version of me!)


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