A CA girl in TX…

I’ve been living in TX for a few months now and I still have moments in which I must stop and say, “Oh right… I’m not in CA anymore!”  Here’s a list of common causes for such moments (in no particular order):

 1. I look up from behind the counter at Starbucks and I see cowboys… real ones.

2. I see a man with a tatoo on his arm… I look closer… It’s the Alamo!  (True story!)

3. I walk outside and my glasses immediately fog up from humidity.

4. A rare “perfect weather” day occurs and I think… “BEACH… oh…  Well, I suppose the GULF is only a few hours away… eh.”

5. On a road trip, I stop to use the bathroom at a McD’s and when I wash my hands I look down to find a Texas shaped SINK!?!?!

6. Bugs… bugs… bugs… bugs…

7. I have customers who regularly wear spurs… and it’s not to be funny… they’re actually functional!


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