family missed… God and details

As you know, I recently spent 3 weeks in CA. It was awesome to be back where I grew up to spend time with friends and especially to spend good time with my family. I love them so much! I love being a sister, seriously, it’s such a joy for me! It’s hard sometimes to be away from both of my brothers.

Ben is a Marine, serving in Iraq. To think that the little boy I used to take care of is now a soldier in a war – – – well, it blows me away. He’s grown up so much, but not only because of being a Marine. He’s become a leader. I’m proud of him. I am hopeful for his future. I see so much potential in his life. I pray that he would be captivated by Jesus and that his life would be one that glorifies Him!

Josh is probably the coolest 14 year old I’ve ever met and though I’m somewhat biased, I really think it’s true! He’s an AMAZING drummer, a talented skater, is learning to surf, and is pretty much just super cute and has a very caring heart! I love to goof off with him and to laugh with him. He really loves spending quality time with family!

It’s hard to come back and realize that this is how it is now. I’d been away from family for 6 months before going back and it didn’t (usually) seem to be that big of a deal.  But I now realize this is life now. I live in Texas and I may live other places and I may not move back to CA (you never know). So, I will VISIT my family as much as I can and I will make the most of those times. I miss them now more than I did before I visited, but I’m so glad I got to go spend time with them.

I’m also very thankful that this is where God has me in life. I’m learning so much and I LOVE life! I have no doubt that TX is where I need to be (but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss other places and sometimes wish I could be there too!)  God is working in and through me here and I am so thrilled with that. My life is filled with joy, though it’s not always easy. It is always blessed! I am thankful!

On another but related note…

I like details. I think about details. Sometimes too much. I love taking care of details for things that I care a lot about, for people I care a lot about! I think that’s a little reflection of God in me.  God takes care of details in ways I can not even begin to imagine!!! When I think about my life, there are so many details out of my control. There are so many details that have come together that I could never ever have arranged! God, Creator of the universe!, is sovereign over all details! Thank you God, my God, for watching over the details of my life! I’m amazed at your work!


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