friendships and prayer

I am blessed with deep intimate friendships. I seem to have more than my share, but I’m not complaining. This summer many of my closest friends, with whom I am so used to sharing the depths of my heart, are serving God around the world… For this too, I am grateful! God has infected my heart and the hearts of so many that I love, with a passion to be a part of his work among the nations! With many of my dear friends gone to other regions of the world, I am not able to communicate with them on the regular basis that I am so accustomed to. I am building a deeper appreciation for these dear friends of mine and the love that we share for one another during their absences!

Today I longed to chat with some of those dear friends as it seems to have been so very long… but instead of feeling sad I was soon overwhelmed with thankfulness because I was able to talk with God, who is never inaccessible to me! The deep and intimate friendships I have with so many sisters and brothers in the Lord, are mere glimpses of the depth and intimacy available when walking in relationship with Jesus Christ!

I am currently reading a book on the subject of prayer… Prayer is really depth and intimacy in their purest forms. God desires for me to present my desires and requests, and thus the depths of my heart, to Him. He may not always hand over everything I ask for, but he always does answer… Sometimes, in subtle ways that I do not notice until years later. Other times, he answers by changing my heart over time.

If you’ve ever heard me tell a story, you know that I am a details kinda girl. Today, with a cup of coffee in hand, I went for a walk outside to spend some time in prayer… (What could be better than a beautiful evening with coffee, beautiful creation, and deep intimate conversation?) As I talked with God I looked with Him at the details of my life, past, present, and future… I was amazed by so much of what I saw! He has worked out so many things and taken me so many places that only He could do! I can not tell you how many prayers He has answered…

I stand amazed! My God does MIRACULOUS work… and… in His grace and mercy He desires me to be a part of it… in prayer and in action!

And to that all I can say is… Thank you Lord! I stand in grace!


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